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From 28 Feb 2023 to 09 Mar 2023 I was visited by Kensuke Yoshizawa at Freiburg University, funded by his grant. We had a very nice time and exchanged many ideas involving obstacle problems for elastic curves!

Together with Peter Gladbach (Uni Bonn) and Sven Jarohs (Uni Frankfurt) I have organized an Online Poster Session "Young Researchers in PDE and Geometric Analysis" on 8 April 2021. It was delighting to meet many of you there!

My collaborators

I am very thankful to all my scientific collaborators, and to everybody else I was able to discuss with in the past years. Thanks for so many insights! This shoutout should address many more researchers than just the ones listed below, but to go easy on your scroll wheel I only name those who I published with.

  • Anna Dall Acqua, Ulm University. She is my PhD advisor and an expert in the field of higher order elliptic and geometric problems. Her recent research is more focused on geometric flows.

  • Hans-Christoph Grunau, OVGU Magdeburg. He is an expert in polyharmonic PDEs, elliptic, parabolic and also with nonlinearities. Moreover, he studies boundary value problems for the Willmore equation.

  • Ernst Kuwert, Freiburg University. He is an expert in differential geometry and geometric PDEs, in particular on the Willmore flow and on geometric variational problems for the Willmore energy.

  • Tatsuya Miura, Tokyo Institute of Technology. He is an expert on higher order variational problems involving the Willmore energy and Eulerian elasticae. He is also working on geometric flows and problems involving embeddedness.

  • Fabian Rupp, University of Vienna. During my PhD I shared an office with him, he is working on gradient flows with constraints, in abstract settings but also in concrete geometric
    applications. Recent works also deal with geometric variational problems in the context of the Willmore/Helfrich functional.

  • Christian Scharrer, University of Bonn. He is an expert on variational problems involving curvature and geometric measure theory. With these tools he studies several geometric inequalities and consequences of monotonicity identities.

  • Adrian Spener, Ulm University. He has been working on short- and long-time behavior of geometric flows, even in nonstandard ambient geometries.

  • Kensuke Yoshizawa, Kyushu University. He recently finished a PhD thesis on (elliptic and parabolic) obstacle problems in a geometric context. He has developed very explicit methods to describe and classify Eulerian elastica and even more general curves appearing in geometric contexts.

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